Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Play and Learn with Plastic Easter Eggs!

Here you go - Ten Things To Do With Plastic Eggs!!
Before, during and after Easter, try these fun activities with plastic eggs you may have around the house! 
1.       Use for “anytime” egg hunts, fill with seasonal stickers or pieces of a craft to be done - extend your hunt by having each child find one of each color, or plant personalized eggs  for each child to reinforce name recognition! If able, try one egg per letter and have them find and make their names :)

2.       Use eggs as coin savers – put different amounts of coins in a few eggs and place in a basket on the counter -  change it up each time you do it and get in some coin counting practice with your child while you’re waiting for dinner to finish cooking!

3.       Use eggs  to make patterns – open the eggs into halves so they will stand on open ends – use two or three colors to lay out in two- and three-part extended patterns – great practice J

4.       Letter matching – upper to lower case – use a permanent marker to write uppercase letters on one half and lowercase on the other – mix up and then match up! Use multiples of colors to make it more challenging!

5.       Self-checking addition eggs – program each half on the outside with a number of dots, stars, etc. and write the sum on the inside (use one of each color to avoid mix-ups) – have your child count them up and then open up to check the answer!

6.       Use for games to make a rainy day fun! (Or a sunny one!) Place eggs on spoons and have some races ... if you drop one – no problem!

7.       Try another race – each child gets an egg and two or more children can race by pushing eggs with their noses on the floor – carefully!

8.        Like the old pass-the-orange game, tuck an egg under your chin and pass to a partner without dropping – this takes skill J

9.       Use eggs in a container of sand for a dinosaur dig – put small plastic dinosaurs in modeling clay and place in eggs. Bury in the sand and dig up “fossils”!

10.   Use to plant seeds and grow small seedlings before planting outside – open up, place in an egg tray or other container to stand them up, fill part way with dirt and add seeds … a little water and a sunny spot and you’ll be all set!

Have fun!


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  3. any ideas on how to use the plastic eggs for a luau for kids activities?