Friday, April 15, 2011

Fun Easter Reading!

A sure hit with the preschool set are any of the "There Was An Old Lady ..." books - they are fun to read and so entertaining to look at!

The "easter version" -Lucille Colandro's "There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed A Chick!" - will be a favorite from the first time you read it with your child!

Preview the book first, noticing the really cool illustrations by Jared Lee. There is lots of detail to these pictures! Have a color hunt through the pages, seeing how many colors your child can pick out :)

Read with your child all the way through the story, enjoying the unfolding of events and the surprise ending!

Later, read again, noting rhyming words and the sequence of the items swallowed - there are lessons built right into this story that are fun to explore!

As you read, encourage your child to recall and join in on recounting the repeating list of "she swallowed the ..."  Hesitate and have them "jump in" to complete a sentence that they may remember. As with any book, let them pick out words or letters that look familiar.

Play with the story -
... try to remember the sequence without looking
... draw an egg, candy, a basket, etc. with your child on index cards and make a game to play, sequencing them in order
... assemble props from your own Easter stuff and act out the story (use a bag or container for the "old lady")
... check YouTube for a story reading
... check the internet for printables to play with

.... and have fun!

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