Monday, October 24, 2011

Halloween BINGO!

If you're looking for some not-so-scary fun for a Halloween party, try this idea! Make a BINGO game with Halloween symbols to play - great for matching, visual discrimination, and following directions.

Begin with a blank document and set up a five by five grid to form the outline of a BINGO board. Then, download at least 12 images of Halloween-related clip art to fill in your grid - I used each one twice! (For little ones, you could make it even simpler with a 3 by 3 grid.)  Make one board and then move the images around to make alternate boards, saving each time you have a new one set up. Make multiple copies of each - it doesn't really matter if two children get the same board! Copy the images into another document and enlarge to make cards for the BINGO leader to pick and call out.

Have your children use markers, coins or any small objects to play - maybe candy corn would be fun!! Multiple sheets and crayons would work, also - have the children "x" out the pictures as they're called.

While you are playing, you will be working on taking turns, focusing on the speaker and developing new vocabulary! Since there are no words on the cards, you could also have even the smallest students call the cards! They will LOVE it!

Have fun!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Make A House to Teach Addresses and Phone Numbers

While you are going over Fire Safety this month, be sure to check for knowledge of addresses and phone numbers. It's a safety lesson that is sure to come in handy sometime!

Try this: take a small paper lunch bag, fold the top(where it opens) into a triangle and secure with a staple or glue. Fold the bottom up so it now resembles a house shape and draw a roof line.

Have children decorate with doors, windows, etc. - they can get very imaginative with some markers! Flowers, trees and all kinds of decorative features can be added - they might even want to draw themselves in the windows!

Then, on the inside of the fold, attach an index card programmed with their home address and phone number. Use this for a little memory game - check the information, close the flap, have your child try to recall ... practice the number of the house, the phone number, the street name ... until your child can repeat it back to you.

Then, if they should ever have to give an address or tell their phone number for safety reasons, they will be prepared :)

Be safe - and have fun!