Tuesday, April 12, 2011

More "Keepers" for Mom!

Frame a Journal Entry
If your child is old enough to draw and “journal,” save a selection and frame it – there are often entries about family or special times - and the pressure of making something perfect will be gone! Look through journals or portfolios and have them select one that they like - either an illustration or handwriting sample, or both! In years to come, it will be so much fun to look back at drawing and writing from years gone by! They can complete the gift with a heartfelt card :)  Happy Mother's Day!

Laminated Handprint
For younger children, my personal favorite (which I still have and use many years later!!) is a laminated handprint coaster. Pick a bright colored paper – construction or card stock – and, using white paint, have your child make a handprint. When the paint is dry, your child can write his/her name (or if too young, an adult can help!) Cut out around in the shape of a circle and laminate to make a perfect mug-mat! You may want to cut it before writing the name, leaving room, if your child’s handwriting tends to wander or GROW!  Then, have the child make a card to tape it in – with the following message:
“In years to come, you’ll use this to rest your mug or glass
And think of how I made it in my little preschool class.
I wish you Happy Mother’s Day and hope you’ll use this well
And know that I do love you more than I can tell!”

It's a KEEPER!


  1. I love these...have three to remember when my girls were so small!

  2. I love the laminated hand print coaster idea :)