Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Make a Texture Bunny!

Make your Easter Bunny a texture project Here’s what you need:
BUMPY-edged paper plates for the body, face and ears (The base of the bunny is two small paper plates, one for his body and the other cut to make his face and ears J)
 SOFT cotton balls for the body
 HARD plastic googly eyes
 ROUGH sandpaper for his paws 
 SMOOTH plastic for his nose (I cut mine from a plastic container top – make it an upside-down heart)
 WRINKLY paper strings for his whiskers (paper Easter grass!)

Put it all together with some glue and maybe a staple under the nose to hold the whiskers on.

As your child assembles this project with you, use any texture words that apply to introduce or reinforce vocabulary! Have your child say the words as he/she touches the different textures to encourage learning!
Have fun with it! Happy Easter!

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