Monday, April 11, 2011

Keepers for Mother's Day

From the time your children start school until they go to middle school or high school, you are presented with cards, gifts, art, crafts … for every occasion. I used to save everything – in plastic tubs, large mailing envelopes, shoe boxes, etc. Eventually, I was feeling overwhelmed by the pile that was developing in the attic – AND, I never looked at the stuff again!
I noticed, as my own children got older, that simple handwriting samples from years gone by, small keepsakes and sweet handmade cards are easy to store away and peek at from time to time – and that those were the things that my own mother had kept - for a LONG time!
 When you know that a child spent time, talent and energy putting a little bit of themselves into a project, you value it more than a pre-cut, purchased craft or something that was primarily done by an adult helper  - so, keep that in mind when choosing your Mother’s Day projects!
Think of a few past projects that ended up being “keepers”! Teach your children about giving – simple gifts are lovely– and don’t forget about yourself!  Trade children with a friend or have another loved one work with your child to make a gift for you – it’s important that they learn about showing love and appreciation J
Mother's Day Bookmarks
Use card stock and a nice font on your computer to make the beginning of a bookmark – “I love my mommy because …” and have the child dictate an ending, in their own words. Then, flip it over and have them write their name, make thumbprints or personalize in some way. Laminate it, punch a hole at one end and have them help you loop a pretty ribbon through it!

Mother’s Day Portrait
Draw, paint, collage – a “Portrait of my mom”: Use whatever materials you want to make a whole-person drawing or a face, adding details like eye color and hair style, and see where it goes! It will no doubt be adorable! Add dictated information, such as a fill-in-the-blanks information sheet:
My mom is pretty when she ___________________.
I love it when my mom ____________________________.
My mom always says, “_______________________________”.

You can attach it to a decorated frame or bind it all into a card format, folding over a large piece of construction paper! Some of the answers are hilarious … some adorable! Have fun with it!

Stay tuned for part two: more gifts to come ...

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