Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Save those Game Pieces!

When it's time to fit the new Holiday Gifts into the game closet, box or cabinet, something's got to go! When you're assessing what is missing pieces, broken, or just ready to go, don't throw out all the pieces without trying to see them through different eyes!

I have used old Scrabble pieces for years to play a game with little ones. We take cards and either draw pictures or take digital pictures of things (they LOVE to click the camera!) and make picture/word cards. Then, we use the Scrabble pieces to match the letters and create the words. My classes had a basket of each others names with small snapshots of each child - you could do this at home with family members, toys, foods, etc. They will LOVE it! (Plastic letter tiles are also available at office supply stores and parent-teacher stores, if you want to get started without waiting for old games.)

I also save dice and counters for math games and little playing pieces and small objects that would fit in a used water bottle for ABC bottles. You can throw them all in a shoe box and you'll be ready for a rainy day of sorting and matching,  Enjoy!

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