Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Print Richness

When you visit an early childhood classroom, you should notice lots of print - posters, pictures, lists, poems, songs, labels, etc. Even though the children who are attending class in these rooms may not be able to read these words yet, it is important for them to start attaching meaning to groups of letters and to start beginning to "value" reading. You can do some of this at home, too!

Some parents set up labels in a room or two of their homes (some even try bi-lingual labels!) Having children help with this is fun, too! Have them identify things they want to know and create the words to name them.

You can start with your child's room, representing their name on posters, cards or even quilts. Getting familiar with one's own name is an important skill to have when starting school - it comes in very handy! Make a poster with your child, having them color in the letters of their name, or locate letters from printed materials to create the name. Make it as organized or crazy as you want - include pictures to add to the fun! Then hang it up and it will serve as a visual "connector" for your child to learn from!  :)

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