Friday, January 28, 2011

Letter Detectives!

Make your child into a "letter detective" for some fun around the house! Give your child a dime-store magnifying glass and set them loose on your house, finding letters all over the place! They will notice that there are letters in all sorts of places - labels, newspapers, artwork, appliances, etc.

I also like to make books out of a few pieces of computer paper stapled together, with a page or half a page for each letter. Then, grab a pile of magazines, flyers or junk mail and let your "letter detectives" find, cut and sort letters into their books - this will incorporate literacy skills, small motor exercise, as well as exposure to different typeface letters - it's all good!

When kids are ready to learn about letters, don't drill them - make it into a game - it's always more effective! I have played the "letter game" in the car for years (or on a field trip bus!) with great results! Here's what you do ... you're driving down the road and you spot a store sign or a road sign with the letter "A" - point it out  with great excitement and then try to find a "B," and so on ...   This works particularly well if you are stopped at a light or waiting somewhere in traffic - the time goes by a little quicker! You can also play this with the letters of your child's name, or random letters!

A variation of this game uses each letter to come up with another word that begins with the same letter - this gives your child the opportunity to connect the letter with a sound and then the reverse - connecting the sound with another word! "I see a T in that STOP sign - what else begins with T?" "t-t-t, how about train?"

As you are going through your day, notice how many opportunities there are to make learning a game - have fun with it!

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  1. This is a great idea!
    So many ways to grow it too.