Friday, January 21, 2011

Penguin Sizes: How do you Measure Up?

According to different sources, the Emperor Penguin is anywhere from 3 feet, 7 inches to 4 feet tall!! For a fun project, create a penguin-sized paper model, using black and white posterboard or craft paper rolls, make it four feet tall. I have one that I take out every year with preschool-aged children, who are usually just under or just about that height - and use it as a measuring stick to see where we would "measure up" to a penguin!! You can use white crayons to make a mark, or chalk, or align another piece of paper alongside the penguin to mark up with heights - your child will be amazed that a penguin could be that big!

To take your measuring a step further, measure other things against the penguin, teaching your child about comparisons and units of measure ... how many spoons tall is a penguin? how many books tall is a penguin? Check some penguin books out of the library and study up - you will find that some penguin species are only 16 inches tall - how many of those would make the Emperor Penguin?

You will also find that penguin dads take care of their eggs by carrying them around on the tops of their feet - making a fun game for a snowy day - make an "egg" out of hard-packed snow and try to carry it around on top of your boots - oops!! Have fun!

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