Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Playdough for the Win!

There are SO many things you can use playdough for - make all of them super fun!!

Small Motor Play
  • Roll it out and cut out shapes with cookie cutters
  • Pinch and pull to strengthen muscles
  • Cut thin ropes with scissors for resistance
Literacy Practice
  • Roll out "snakes" to make letters, numbers and shapes
  • Get letter or number stampers and make impressions in the play dough
  • Use as base for thematic play with sticks, blocks, yarn to recreate a story 
  • Mix up some playdough with your kiddos - make predictions, measure, add, see the ingredients come together
  • Take shells or other natural materials and make imprints like fossils
  • Use small figures of animals, dinosaurs, etc. to make tracks

Sensory Play 
  • Add dry jello to scent it 
  • Add salt to make it gritty
  • Add glitter to make it sparkly
  • Add all to make it super fun!
  • Introduce beads, buttons, or fake jewels to up the interest factor

  • Take a muffin tin, add tape with different numerals written on it to each cup and roll small balls to make the amount in each cup.
  • Make playdough pancakes and serve them up on different plates to give equal portions - one for you, one for me, etc.

Ask your little ones what THEY would like to do with the playdough - they will come up with even more ideas :)

Have fun!!

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