Saturday, January 23, 2016

Snow day!!

It is snowing here today - the kind of snow we don't get too often :) If your little ones have had enough of the cold, but not quite enough of the snow ..... OR, if they (or you) aren't up for getting out there ... BRING IT IN!!

Take a big container and fill it with snow, then find a place where it would be great to dig in and play with it. An old shower curtain liner or a vinyl table cloth would make a nice floor mat, or just put it on the countertop and know that it will be easy cleanup - it's just water!!

   Then, play! We got out some little cups and containers and dug around in it ... if your little ones' fingers get cold, put the mittens on inside :) Build a tiny snowman and decorate it with anything you can find in the kitchen - check ours out!

For a science and math connection, fill up a measuring cup with some fresh snow and wait it out - check back every half hour to see what happens.

Make some predictions and take some measurements - you will be able to see how much the snow shrinks and what the water amount is for the snow you collected.

Grab an erasable marker to make some marks showing the progression :)

There are so many literacy connections for Snow - look for books like "The Snowy Day" by Ezra Jack Keats on YouTube if you don't have any titles in your snow-bound home! Enjoy!!

(This post is inspired by a picture I saw from my friend Mary Ann, but I just loved it and wanted to share the idea :)

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