Saturday, September 12, 2015

Books to Love: "Bear Snores On" by Karma Wilson, illustrations by Jane Chapman

Kids LOVE the Karma Wilson Bear books ... This was the first one I discovered and it was an instant hit with my little ones! (There are more!!)

This terrific read-aloud will get your kiddos involved in the story right away with the use of engaging illustrations, by Jane Chapman, and the rhythm of repeating lines. Right from the start, the story builds ... As each new animal joins the story, seeking shelter in the cave, the words get more interesting and the print sizes up and down, from whisper-tiny to shout-out-big! As each new element is added to the sleepy scene, the same phrase caps it off - but it will get louder and louder, as your little friends join in!

Use this book to teach sequencing and pause to recall what happened first, next, and last. Use it to teach concepts of print and have your kiddos point out the words, left to right, one by one. Ask about the characters and make a list of all the animal friends. Try a child-led retelling, for comprehension assessment, using all the sweet pictures. Talk about friends sharing what they have, and meeting new friends. 

Most of all ...
Have fun!

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