Sunday, June 14, 2015

Father's Day Fun Gift

For Father's Day this year, I am borrowing this idea from a past Mother's Day post, and changing it up just a bit!

Everyone loves a gift that they can actually use ... here you go! And, it's so easy!!

Have your child make a handprint on a nice, sturdy piece of paper - preferably in a color that Dad would like to have displayed on his desk! We're using some leftover card stock in a nice, medium blue. Make sure the color paint you choose is a nice contrast to the color of the paper.

When it's dry, cut around it in a round shape (use a plastic lid or china saucer as an outline), leaving enough space to also get a name and date on the paper, near the handprint. If your child is able to cut already, then trace the line for them and let them cut away!

Use markers to finish with your child's name and the year, written by them if they are able or by you, if they are too small yet. When all is complete, you can have it laminated at a local copy store, if you have this service available to you, or use clear contact paper to finish it off.

Add a little poem - feel free to grab mine and adapt.  You'll melt their hearts:

Mug mats or coasters make a great gift for dads or grand pops - usable, personal, and easy to keep clean! Slip them inside a handmade card and you'll be all set for Father's Day!

Have fun!

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