Sunday, November 25, 2012

Searching for Santa!

As it gets closer to Christmas, make plans to search for Santa in the night sky!

Take a cardboard tube and wrap it in a festive color of construction paper. Glue or tape in place. Then, have your child add decorations, glitter or stickers of your choice to personalize it - you have made a Santascope!

Attach a little note like this:

On Christmas Eve when Santa
Goes flying through the night,
Look for his sleigh and reindeer -
What a wonderful sight!

Let your child search the sky for the Jolly Old Elf right before bedtime .... maybe you'll catch a glimpse!


Make a Rudolph ornament while you're waiting for Christmas to get here!

You'll need some craft sticks and sheets of foam (tan and white), two googly eyes and a red nose made from a pompom or another piece of foam, red this time. First, glue two craft sticks in a V pattern and then use another to go stright across, about a half-inch below the tops of the other sticks. To complete the antlers, add two more craft sticks in a wider V.  Finally, add the foam pieces: a large piece of tan for the face, small piece of white for the forehead, two tiny ears - then add the nose and eyes.
Add a little string or ribbon and Rudolph is ready to hang around and help you decorate!

Have fun!


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