Friday, May 13, 2011

Build a Sand Castle!: Early Childhood Project

When the summer starts to get closer, thoughts turn to the beach, the waves – and the SAND! While you’re waiting for beach weather, build your own sand castle! You’ll need some cardboard tubes from paper products, some glue, a small sturdy paper or plastic plate and a few handfuls of sand.
First, prepare the cardboard tubes by notching out the tops to look like turrets. Older children can help with this task, cutting out in a pattern, but younger ones may need this step done for them.
Next, have the children paint the tubes with white glue, just until they are lightly coated. While wet, roll in a shallow tub of sand until the tubes are covered and let dry.
Glue three or four tubes together to form a castle, using varying heights if desired. Then, pour some glue on the plate, and set the castle on it, and add more sand.  This will give you a base for your castle.
You can decorate the castle by adding some play-doh rocks or a blue paper moat. When you’re done, design a flag for your sandcastle, using paper, foam, stickers, etc. and add it using glue and a toothpick or stick.
Have fun with it while you dream about making the real thing soon!

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  1. OOOOhhhh, I LOVE this idea! My son will too. Thanks for sharing. Now following you from the Smart Summer Challenge!