Thursday, March 10, 2011

Playing With Paint!

When you think of painting, you usually picture a brush and some paper, but there are so many other ways to experiment with paint!
More recyclables!
If you want to explore shapes with your child, use some paper or plastic containers that have round or square openings – anything that you can use to make an impression on paper!  Pour some paint on a paper plate or disposable, washed food tray (such as from the store bakery) and let your child press the object in the paint (upside down or right side up!) and then press it on paper!
For circles, try margarine or yogurt containers, paper cups of all different sizes, even circular shaped cereal. (Referring back to the Olympic blog entry, you can make Olympic rings using the five colors & small paper cup rims! Hold the cup upside down, dip in paint and make circles galore!)
To print squares or rectangles, use take-out containers, microwavable food trays or cartons, or whatever you can find! Pasta or cracker boxes with the flaps ripped off could be just what you need to get started!
Sponge Fun!
You can purchase sponges in many shapes at dollar stores, craft stores, etc. – but, you can make them, too! Use a new, clean sponge and cut it into shapes … if you cut across the sponge and make a long, tall piece, little hands won’t get all “yucky”!

I like to make distinct shapes for seasonal projects - sometimes, kids DO want their paintings to look like something specific and sponging can give them this sense of accomplishment, even when their own hands can’t do it yet! BUT, I also like to just cut them in random shapes and see what the kids will make by combining shapes, adding on details with fingers or brushes (or Q-tips!) –  and let them CREATE!
Other objects …
Marble painting in a box – lay paper on the bottom of the box, dip the marble in paint and roll around, tilting the box in different directions!  Car painting – same concept, rolling little cars (hard/impossible to get all paint off!)  Painting with string – dipping string in paint and seeing what happens when you plop in down on the paper in random directions – fun! Use washable paints and make clean-up part of your activity – always!

Stamping with paint and different kitchen implements (think potato masher!) or cut vegetables and fruits can produce interesting results, as can leaves and small branches dipped in paint! Look for more on these in future blog entries :)
Have fun!

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